Southern Lumber Company Model Homes

At the onset of the House Life Project, Brent Aldrich recognized the familiarity of the home at 804 Eastern Avenue. All of the homes on that block of Eastern Avenue are nearly identical, all built by Southern Lumber Company in the early twentieth century. To capture this history, Aldrich is asking neighbors on the block to draw floorplans of their homes from memory. From the drawings, he will construct model homes, demonstrating the varying perceptions and relationships residents have with physically similar spaces. While the physical floorplans may be the same, the remembered spaces shrink and expand in each person’s drawings.

Brent Aldrich earned his MFA from the Herron School of Art and Design and currently serves as a Board Member for the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA). His work in community development as Project Manager for Great Places 2020 at Englewood Community Development Corporation lends a place-based view to his work with the House Life Project.


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