Clean Lines 

Katie Hudnall and Shelley Given worked on a collaborative project at the house, where they selectively cleaned and restored a foot wide band in an upstairs bedroom.  The band runs across the floor, up the rear wall (including part of the door), across the ceiling, down the opposite wall (including a window),  ending where it began.  This is to remind visitors of what the house might have felt like when it was cared for before it fell into disrepair, as well as the potential of it to be refurbished for a new occupant.  While it is overwhelming to consider restoring an entire room, not to mention an entire house, working on a little bit at a time helps to break up the overwhelming task into more manageable parts.  The humble, repetitive acts of carefully sweeping, scrubbing, sanding, painting and polishing can feel like a meditation on respect for what a space has been, and hope for what it might be in the future.  

Katie Hudnall teaches Furniture Design at the Herron School of Art & Design at IUPUI. With the House Life Project, Katie will use reclaimed materials to “show the public the beauty and potential in old materials—I think it will be a nice metaphor for the house itself.”