Wil Marquez imagines the home at 804 Eastern Avenue in an emotional mood – that is, the experience of receiving the “key” to your first home. The iconic memory displayed in commercials or when someone is surprised on prime time television is priceless. ¬†This level of pride and joy belongs to and deserves to be part of St. Clair Place neighborhood. To inspire the pride of the first home key, Marquez is collecting found, salvaged, offered, gifted, and purchased house keys to create his installation on the front porch of the home. The keys are meant to celebrate the icon and pay respect to this emotional memory at 804 Eastern Avenue.

Wil Marquez is the founder of w/purpose, an alternative practice in Urban and Public Design, and co-founder of Design Bank, a design cooperative and 3D printing makerspace. His work uses innovative design principles to probe ideas of public space and equity. Marquez is enthusiastic about the potential of the House Life Project to enact conversations about the problems caused by vacancy, creating a momentum of work around ideas for change.