With love and gratitude to all the good neighbors, friends, and participants of the House Life Project.


The HLP is defined as Social Practice, an art medium that relies on community engagement and collective experiential learning. The organizational framework of the HLP was purposefully flexible and collaborative, responding to the needs of the community and engaging people based on their interests and expertise.


Meredith Brickell, Project founder and lead artist, 2015-present
Laura Holzman, Curator, 2017-present
Kurtis Bowersock, Photographer/filmmaker, 2016-2018
Bailey Shannon, Program Assistant, 2016-2018
Abi Lindstedt, Program Assistant, 2018
Twinkle Van Winkle, Creative Editor and Community Engagement Coordinator, 2017
Aerial Patterson, Program Assistant, 2017
Gracie White, Program Assistant, 2017
Madison Hinks, Program Assistant, 2017
Elle Roberts, Community Engagement Coordinator, 2016
Scarlett Martin, Project Writer, 2015-2016
Jessica Kartawich, Photographer, 2016
Katy Kuchler, Photographer, 2016
Kara Heingartner, Photographer, 2015


From 2015-2019, the following people contributed programming and leadership: Abigail Lindstedt, Aerial Patterson, Amanda Boyd, Amy Gastelum, Andy Beck, Andrea Jandernoa, Ann Marie Elliott, Bailey Shannon, Benjamin Martinkus, Bernny Owens, Brent Aldrich, Brittany Pendleton, Carl Gordon, Carmen DeRusha, Chris Hill, Christopher Williams, CoraLyn Turentine, Danicia Monet, Danielle Graves, Derek Dalton, Early Tinsley, Elle Roberts, Fair Creek Films, Fashawn Moore, Felice Salmon, Fiona McDonald, Gracie White, Gomez BBQ, Gordon’s Ice Cream, Jennifer Delgadillo, Jessica Kartawich, Jingo de la Rosa, Joey Ponce, John Clark, John Franklin Hay, Jordan Munson, Jordan Ryan, Kara Heingartner, Katie Hudnall, Katy Kuchler, Katy Renn, Kurtis Bowersock, Laura Holzman, Leana Kruska, Lukas Schooler, Madison Hincks, Manon Voice, Marvea Hill, Mat Davis, Meredith Brickell, Micah Wilson, Molly Trueblood, NoExit Performance, Paul Krievens, Paula Katz, Printtext: Benjamin and Janneane Blevins, Rabble Coffee, Randolph Loney, Ray Duffey, Rebecca Pappas, Re-Generation Indy, Rosie’s Ribs, Sara Baldwin Schatz, Scarlett Andrews Martin, Sharla Steiman, Shelley Given, Stefanie Krievens, Stephen Ball, Stevie Barlow, StreamLines, Tatjana Rebelle, Teresa Brown, The Bonfire Radio Theater, Ensemble, Thomas Burnett, Too Black, Twinkle VanWinkle, Ty Higgs, Valerie Davis, Wes Janz, Wil Marquez, Yadin Kol, Zaviera Garth

Funders + Partners

Generous support from the following funders made the HLP possible: Buckingham Foundation, DePauw University, Efroymson Family Fund, Eskenazi Health, Gallery 924, HLP community, Indiana Humanities, IUPUI, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, and Penrod Society.

Project development and logistical support was provided by HLP partners: Renew Indianapolis, a nonprofit land bank, and the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA)